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    Rebecca Trescher Ensemble 11 recording the new album FLOATING FOOD!

    The line-up of the “Ensemble 11” is kind of adventurous as it does not follow any kind of ensemble structures of traditional jazz compositions. In light of a shimmering “harmonysection” made out of piano, vibraphone and harp you will listen to an opulent sound of saxophones, clarinets, classical flute, singing vocal and violoncello – a musical extravaganza.
    Rebecca Trescher unfolds the personal strengths of every involved musician and exudes the music a torch of exclusivity.
    Her elaborated compositions are a perfect balance between a musical adventure and elegant sonorities. Rebecca Trescher shows with her “Ensemble 11” that she is one of the most exciting voices of the contemporary young jazz generation.

  • April 2017

    I am very lucky about the new CD RELEASE with my Large Ensemble “Ensemble 11” at enja records (distribution: Soulfood). If you like to order the new CD “FLOATING FOOD” please contact me!

  • March 2017

    In the current magazine CURT!

  • January 2017


    We are happy about our Steady Gig @ Tafelhalle Nuremberg!

    More Information:

  • June 2016

    It was a pleasure for me to play a Showcase with my
    large ensemble “Ensemble 11” at the Jazzahead in Bremen!

    Live @ Jazzahead 2016

  • April 2016



    Artist in Residence at Künstlerhaus Lukas! A schoolarship sponsered by Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.
    It was a very creative time. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

  • January 2016

    The fantastic company “Rödl & Partner” sponsered the large ensemble “Ensemble 11”.
    Thank you for the wonderful support!

  • November 2015

    I’m very happy about the schoolarship by the city of Nuremberg!
    The award ceremony was wonderful!