Clarinet Lessons

Practicing efficiently while making music together

Clarinet and bass clarinet are my main instruments, the voices of my artistic expression and creativity. I am excited by their warm wooden sound, the subtle variety of tone colours, the wide range, the expressivity, agility and dynamic delicacy as well as all the other characteristics of these instruments which make the clarinet a strong, rich and flexible instrument also in improvised music.

To me, it is highly satisfying to work with other people and to get to the bottom of things by listening and showing empathy as well as by a clear analysis, the will to make achievements and to leave trodden paths. It is not only the joint experience of learning, but also the way of learning from each other which fascinates me. Asking and discussing the proper questions on the same level with others leads to an ongoing development of oneself, which is what I seek and what drives me.

Some of the important topics are: tone production and shaping, stable embouchure, intonation, individual technical exercises and conscious limitation for each range, finger exercises and licks, concepts for improvisation, transcriptions, repertoire, various styles, appropriate classical works and etudes, equipment, the clarinet as part of a band.

As a teacher, I enjoy learning about the different requirements of each student and I am eager to meet the needs of various characters with different talents and individual ways of studying. My ability to analyse the structure of musical content, to develop specialized exercises and to motivate my students to dig deeper by themselves is highly appreciated.

Translation: Felix Himmler

Composition Lessons

Individual evolvement of the students and refinement of their personal way of composing: open-minded, creative and based on well-established composing and arranging methods both traditional and modern.

© Dovile Sermokas