There’s a young generation in German jazz stepping ahead, stepping back, dreaming away, unleashed and relaxed. Between composition, improvisation and interpretation, delicate musical insights open up. Rebecca Trescher’s compositions resemble symphony-like textures while giving room for an intimate flexibility, expressed in the interplay with drummer Jan Brill, bassist Lukas Keller and guitarist Philipp Schiepek.

The composer creates subtle and multifaceted works, well-structured and elaborated in terms of melody, rhythm and sound. Just like the group itself, the scores and individual parts of Trescher’s tunes capture an evolving process, allowing space for the association of ideas and musical soundscapes. The quartet makes the most of it, skilfully taking hold of this space and transforming it at the same time. Individual strength and collective understanding serve to reflect an exciting musical itinerary that illustrates the effort and intensity of the creative process. Nothing is concealed. all is vivid and dissolved in fluid interaction – powerful and present, melancholic and fragile. NEW SHAPES is music that comes through. Four biographies, four points of view, four musical approaches. New shapes of jazz, united in one group.


Rebecca Trescher clarinet, bass clarinet, composition

Philipp Schiepek electric guitar

Lukas Keller double bass

Jan Brill drums

Foto by Sebastian Autenrieth

„Cascading clarinet improvisations with a cinematic touch!“  DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE – June 2020

„Her compositions are an invitation to a colourful dream. Trescher is a free-spirited, subtle tone poet, who draws from jazz, classical music, avantgarde and film music to create her varied soundtracks.“ (Kultur-Tipp Zürich, Nov 2021)


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